How to buy Media for a New Product Launch

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If you are in the process of launching a new product or a grand opening for a business, it is vital to ensure you take proper marketing steps to secure a large enough audience. After all, if no one knows your new company or product exists, it is guaranteed to fail. In the past, traditional methods such as print media and radio advertisements were enough to get the word out. However, when marketing a new business nowadays, it is crucial to launch a marketing strategy that incorporates traditional and online media planning and buying.

Using Print Media

Some people believe that print media is no longer a viable marketing resource, but this is a big mistake. Although the cost per advertisement will typically be much higher than any digital ads, it is still a great way to engage potential customers. Consider for example how many times you have first learned about a new product by seeing an ad or product review in your local newspaper or your favorite magazine. There is a solid reason that magazines are able to fill all of their advertising slots each month: It is still a format that delivers results. Additionally, print media fills one of the requirements of the Rule of Seven. Simply stated, this rule indicates that potential customers must see or hear about your product or company a minimum of seven times before they will feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. Therefore, even though the ad you place in the newspaper might not provide you with a large amount of direct sales, it is still a vital part of good new business marketing strategies.

Radio and Television Advertisements

Some consumers skip through all of the printed advertisements that they encounter, but they are likely to still hear or see your message if you try marketing a new business with a radio or television spot. After all, almost everyone listens to the radio while they are driving. Although it can be useful to purchase radio spots at any time of the day, it is always best to target time slots during a popular morning show because this is when most commuters will be tuned in. Additionally, a recent study conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau indicates people tend to be happier while they are listening to the radio than they are while they are online or watching television. Because of this, listeners are also more likely to be receptive to your message.

Although television viewing might not make the average person feel as happy as listening to the radio, it is still a major portion of how they spend their time and therefore a great avenue for marketing a new business. In fact, the A.C. Nielsen Company’s research shows the average American watches television for more than six hours a day. Most 30-minute television programs are accompanied by almost eight minutes of advertisements, and that means that the typical American will be exposed to a minimum of 96 minutes of television ads every day. Fitting your product launch or business grand opening into this equation is among the best marketing ideas for a new business – a great way to ensure that potential customers learn about everything you have to offer.

Embracing the Online Culture

More than 25 million Kenyans have Internet access , and the total number of people who go online on a regular basis increases each day. Therefore, it is crucial to take steps to effectively reach out to all of the people within your target audience. Although this can seem very overwhelming at first when you consider all of the different advertising options that are available in online media planning and buying, it is definitely necessary to build a solid online marketing strategy.

The Importance of Social Media

One of the best and least expensive ways to reach people online is to set up social media accounts for your new company or product. More than half the country currently has a Facebook account, and most consumers now use the popular social media site to begin the process of researching any products or services that they need. By building a strong presence on the site, you can easily reach out to your potential customers. However, it is imperative to ensure you actually use your Facebook page on a regular basis. If you fail to properly utilize your page by making regular status updates and responding to questions that are posted by consumers, you will turn off your audience. Once you have your Facebook page, Twitter accounts, etc. in place and you have begun to accumulate followers, you should create an event to invite people to your grand opening or new product launch.

Pay-per-click Ad Campaigns

There are thousands of different paid advertising opportunities on the Internet, but online, pay-per-click campaigns are definitely the most viable, cost-effective choice when marketing a new business. These ads can be targeted to specific demographics, geographic locations and interest levels, and this will help you get the most out of your money. You will also be able to easily track the click-through rate to help you determine whether or not the people who interact with your online ad actually end up making a direct purchase. If you get a low click-through or conversation rate, you should consider changing the wording of your advertisement or consider spending a bit more money to secure the keywords that will drive the desired traffic to your site.

Advertising Effectively in the Digital Age

Most people think about the Internet when hear the phrase digital advertisements, but it is vital to also incorporate mobile phones into your overall online media planning and buying strategy. Placing a QR code in all of your print advertisements is a great way to get people to interact with your company or product in a new way, and it can also be designed to create a virtual business card that is stored in each consumer’s phone. Another solid way to utilize mobile phones is by offering a text service. If you advertise that you will send subscribers coupons when they sign up for text messages, you will then have the ability to easily reach out to them to further pique their curiosity. Remember that most people are drawn in by the idea of a sale, and you can get your product or grand opening in front of an extremely large audience by simply offering them a small discount or inexpensive free item.

The Role of Your PR Team

Whether marketing a new business or launching a new product, your PR team and marketing department should always work together to ensure that each of your advertisements accurately reflects your company and product. Remember that it is always essential to have a skilled PR person on hand for any potential mishaps, especially in the online world. Your PR representative should give interviews about your grand opening or product launch, and your marketing department should send out invitations to business associates and other potentially interested parties. By doing this, you will be able to build good word-of-mouth, and this buzz will tie into all of your other advertising efforts.

Keep in mind that every company and product needs to keep their name fresh in their consumer’s minds. After all, everyone has heard of Coca Cola, but they still advertise on a regular basis. By keeping your advertisements and your Facebook page updated on a regular basis, you can continue to attract new customers and keep the attention of consumers who have already visited your company or enjoyed your product.


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